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Tuesday August 13, 2013

I can't believe Jessica has been in the MTC for a month.  2 Weeks to go, then it is AZ bound! :-)
HOLA!! wait i'm sorry have I been out on my mission for a whole month?? the answer is YES!!!?'!!!! how is that possible? great question! I promise I just arrived yesterday?!! I cannot believe that in 2 weeks TWO WEEKS!!! I will be out in the "real world". I am SOOO nervous!!! I literally cannot believe it is that close! I am excited and nervous and ahhh I have so many emotions!! the first generation to ever be at this Mexico CCM left today. It was so sad!! they were like our adopted older siblings! they all took care of us when we arrived and it was so sad to watch them leave! the CCM just has this amazing spirit about it. I love every second and am constantly growing and learning! it is awesome!!! So the CCM in brazil and (i forgot but some other one) are overflowed so they are sending them here to Mexico!!! it is going to be so crazy busy and exciting!! It is such an amazing time right now. This has never happened in this vast amount before!!!! the Lord is hastening the work and we get to be apart of it. It amazes me everyday. Also, I am so grateful all the time! I just think we are so blessed to have a loving family and live in America. It amazes me!! Okay so kids sounds like you did an amazing FHE! awesome!! we had a devo last Tuesday about temples from the CCM Presidente. It was so cool and totally tied in with yours!!! He said something that i really liked . He said "many people say that they cant wait to get married in the temple but we should all say I can't wait until we can attend the temple on a regular basis and make it apart of our lives." pretty cool right? I liked that! Oh before I forget I think i can call home sometime when i fly to AZ!   This week we are teaching people in the other district instead of our teachers, and we are being fake investigators! it is awesome to see how it feels to be an investigator! I can see so much better now how they feel! it is such a cool and spiritual experience! Also one of my friends here, hermana warner runs track for byu and she wanted to run one night for gym so I ran with her and I wanted to die. It was so crazy!! I never want to run again! hahaha it was so fun though! okay so coolest experience of the week is..... I TAUGHT WITH THE SPIRIT. okay some of you might be thinking isn't this your fourth week? shouldn't you have done that by now? but it was such an amazing experience i have to share. So I feel the Spirirt in our lessons but I feel like I have a hard time bringing the spirit for the whole lesson! I want to so bad and I am obedient and pray for the spirit all the time  but I could tell I was lacking. My teacher and I had a heart to heart and she told me to read some things in PMG. I did and it was exactly what I needed to hear.!! But I was nervous for our next lesson (yes we teach twice a day now! crazy!!!) So we went out to teach our next lesson and IT WAS AMAZINGLY AWESOME FANTASTIC!!!!! It was so cool. Literally everything I said, I felt the spirit. I was being guided and directed and knowing words and doing these things I never thought was possible! After the lesson, Hermana Maughan just hugged me and was like you have never taught like that before. She said that during the lesson she would look over at me and my face was just glowing. It was an experience like none other. And seriously I was so happy afterwards. I have never felt happiness as strong as that before. I was so amazed and I cant wait to share that happiness with others. Everyone deserves that pure happiness that I felt from the spirit. It was incredible!!!! Also Dad , what the heck about your crash!! STOP DOING THAT!!! hahaha serioulsy though! I thought a broken collarbone meant you were good from crashing for  like 5 years???! lol But i am glad you are okay and I am glad that you still showed everyone what was up at the race! you are a beast and I am amazed at every race you do! anyways Spanish is hard. like really hard. But I am learning so much!!! I love the knowledge I am being blessed with and the ability to just carry on a conversation with people (in very spotty and not grammatically correct but still good) spanish!!! It is so cool! I have learned way more here in four weeks than 4 years of spanish in high school! I loved getting the journal entry! it was so cute and made me giggle about the S.C. thing ;) It was awesome! Well I cant think of much more to write each week keeps getting better and better and I am learning so much!!Tonight there is going to be a devo from some general authority broadcasted from provo and I cant wait to find out who and what it is all about!! it will be awesome i am sure of it!!! Well I love you all so very much and I still love every email and lettter I get!!!! I am so grateful for such a wonderful support in my family and friends and I am so grateful for all of you! Te quiero mucho! y yo se jesucristo es mi salvador. Nos ama. Estoy muy agradecido por este oportunidad. y estoy agredecido ser una misionera de Jesucristo por su evangelio. Te quiero much! y en el nomber de jesucristo amen. Pues Te quiero mucho!!!! Y CHAO!!!!  okay love you all so much!!!
hermana ricks
aka jess :)

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