Wednesday, July 17, 2013


After a day of wondering if Jessica made her MANY connections, and wondering if she even made it to Mexico, we received this wonderful email from her...we all slept a little better last night knowing she made it safe!  Here is her email.  The Journey begins:
(you can post this) First of all the keyboards are different in Mexico so sorry for the mistakes! I also dont know where the apostrophe is sooo... sorry! MOMMMMYYY!!! I MISS YOU!! i made it safe :) where do i even begin??? I was okay until I got on the plane and then I started quietly but obviously bawiling! it just finally hit me how much I will miss everyone!! So this old  gentleman sitting next to me took my hand and said are you okay?? I managed to blubber out that I am serving a mission for my church and just had to say goodbye to my family for 18 months and I am very excited but also scared and sad! He then started to tear up and explain to me that he is not a member but works in idaho and utah a lot and is amazed at the dedication of the youth and our service! It was so cute! I needed someone to talk to me! haha we talked all throughout the flight about our church and what not. Then I got to salt lake city and had a toasted bage and cream cheesel! (sorry dad I needed comfort food!!!!) Then I found a big (very obvious) group of missionaries! already teaching people in the terminal LOLOL it was awesome!!!! I introduced myself and we all stuck together! some were in the provo mtc and going to LA t o get their visas others were just picking up there visas and not even on a mission yet and some were goint to the mexico ccm like me! So we all got a long and had a good time. In LA we had to take like 400 buses to get to the interantional termianl! I am so glad I had people with me....We were pretty lost as it was I could not imagine doing it by myself! we had to do security again and everything! Pretty crazy! But we made it.. barely... like they held the plane for us!!!I sat next to this couple that I talked nearly the whole 3 hours about the church! She has a neice that is mormon and asked me all different questions! It was fun trying to figure out to answer in Spanglish! The bretheren that picked us up from the airport immediately began talking spanish to us! It was crazy. there is a language barrier but they were great and we sang spanish hyms all the way to the CCM. loloo I was like well might as well join it if you cant beat it!!! ahahah So  Now I am in Mexico! First of all traffic laws in Mexico are like a suggestion.... or a guideline not a law!! There were like no divders in the road or lanes most of the time!! CRAZINESS but we got to drive by the temple because we had a special leader with us and he took us off the normal path so we could see it at nght.... CAN YOU SAY GORGEOUS! like serisously so pretty! and every other pday we get to go to the temple! way cool two of  my roomates (including companion) arrive at 1 am tonight!!! So I may not get as much sleep as I want unfortunatey! I guess let the tiredness began right??? Tomorrow is a welcome day.. maybe that includes naptime??? just kidding but I am so excited! and it says thursday we are going to teach our first investigator... my question is in english or spanish???? lolol WELLL I dont know when I will be able to write next but just know that I love you all so much. Family keep saying you prayers and thank you for including me in them!! I love you guys and miss you so much!!! LOVE YOUUU
Hermana Ricks (ps i got my nametag! cooool!!!)

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  1. Excellent! So glad she made it! She will do the Lord proud :)