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Tuesday July 30, 2013

Here is this weeks update!  Jessica sounds so happy!  That makes us happy!  She sent some pictures, so I hope I can figure out how to post them so they are the right direction :-).  Keep an eye out for them.  In the meantime, enjoy this week's letter:
HOLA!!!!!! OMG i love all of your letters and emails! seriously I want everyone to know how much they mean to me! even if I cant reply to them all in the hour I am soooo grateful for them!!!! they seriosuly make my week! I can print out the emails in the morningn then later that afternoon I can reply to them which makes things a little less hectic! So I do not know how to make this sound lady like but I got sick with diarrhea on Sunday!!! it was the worst experience of my life!!!! literally everyone here got it. it was some weird bug!!! I needed a constant trip to the bathroom lololol not fun! but I LOVE IT HERE!!! also WHAT THE HECK MY STUD OF A BROTHER???? that email made me so proud of you and Derek!!! Dill like holy cow dude!!! how is it you have more baptisms than me and I am actually on a mission!!! RUDE! aahaha no seriouslty bud i hope that experience stays with you for your whole life. There is nothing cooler than sharing the love of Christ with other people! I am SO proud of you and have literally already announced it to the CCM.elder Holland said "dont ever miss the opprotunity for every waking moment to build up the kingdom of God" I am serisouly so so proud!!!!! sothis week, yes, I did get in trouble agian for something!!!! the presidents wife calls me over during lunch and whispers in my ear, "your skirt in innappropriate."" I apologize and turn to lleave and she grabs me and says and i quote, "it cups your butt!" AHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHA OMG!!! i almost died!!!! I put the skirt away forever now!!! I could no6 believe that happened!!! it was mortifying/hillarious/iamneverwoearingthatskirtagain lolol but anyways I heard a quote the other day that said "if you are just about obedient then you are just about blessed!" which I loved so yes that skirt is long gone! Okay so our group of girls have become freinds with the native girls that are here for two weeks! they are AWESEOME!!! we do yoga with them like every night and we eat tons of meals together! most of them want to learn to speak English better so I made a promise with them thatthey could speak english to me and I would speak Spanish to them!! every time we see them THEY GIVE US KISSES ON OUR CHEEKS!!! it is the cutest thins ever and I love them!!! they have such sweet spirits and just love us and the gospel!!! they tell us all the time how much they want to help us get better in Spanish! (I will try to send pictures if I can!) they are awesome!!! So we started to teach Rosa (teacher faking invesigatior) and we had a REALLY hard lesson yesterday! like way hard! she goes to our chuirch every sunday but wont read the book of Mormon! sO we asked her to try to read a verse that night and she said no! like literaly nope. every time we aasked!!!! ohh man it was so hard but I LOVED IT!! IT is such good practice!!! tomorrow we are going to go in just bold and hopefully it goes well!!! teaching investiagtors in spanish without notes was our goal this week and we are doing it and It is so hard!!! But awesome!!! It really makes you use all the spanish you know just from your head and have no crutch on anything but yourself and the Lord! So cool! So the most spiritual night of the week was on last Tuesday. We hada testimony meeting with our elders in our district and everyone was just bearing their soul and it amazes me that people can come from such hard and difficult circumstances and yet still love the Lord and His gospel so much! It absolutey amazes me  how strong people are!! And makes my testimony grow so much! Also beofre we leave for our house every night the elders say "hermans, lock your doors!" awesome right?? lololol oh also o ne of the manky miracles of the CCM is I can actually sing here.... like who knew that was possible??!! lololol it is awesome!!!! We got feedback from our last investiagtor and he said that we taught really well! like we were amazing teachers and he could feel our love for him! but we need to work on more bold challenges! so we are working on that for our next investiagtors! Ive realized I like hard and tough feedback so I can imrpove all the time!!! Our presiden tthe other day said that one reason we were called spanish speaking because we need to learn how to trust in the Lord and fully rely on Him." I loved that!! It is so true I have prayed more these last two weeks than I ever have in my entire life. like combined. like X4. LOLOLOL OH ALSO everyone here thinks I talk gangster lol so thats cool! ahahaha and what the heck about Folsom?? that Is hard and I am sorry. It all happens for a reason so we will just have to keep praying and wait to find out what that reason is! hang in there! i keep praying for you all!! Mom and Grandma, I loved the letters you sent! Ive only gotten those and the ones from my friends so far! cant wait to find the others!!!! i cant wait until I am in the us and writing letters will be easier!! Mom you can open my letter from my mission presdient! thanks!! umm what else?? Oh i love the scriptures you send me!! They are awesome!! GOOD CHOICES!  this week i liked 2 things Holland said in a n old broadcast "he asked how are we so lucky that we get to be missionaries at this time?'" he said that the Lords work is hastening and we are so luck to be a part of it! and also "if you only have one convert your whole mission, make it be yourself" I loved that!! we have to be fully converted before we can teach others to be fully converted!! Convert yourself! and know that the Savior loves you and I love you all so much!! well I love you all and I hate only writing once a week but it does help me when I get your letters and emails! It means SO MUCH! well I love you all and cant wait to speek next week!!! LOVE YOU!!!!
Hermana Ricks:)

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