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Monday September 2, 2013

Ok, so I totally apologize!!!!  I know there are a few of you who are following this blog, and I just realized I haven't posted that past couple of weeks!  I truly apologize!!!!  I am going to get things caught up! 
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! sersiouly it is incredible.... it is also the hardest thing i have ever done in my life!!!! you need 4 lifetimes of training to be ready for a mission!!! seriosuly physically, mentally, spiritually and mentally draining. but i love every second of it. It is amazing to see the change of people's lives because they are coming unto Christ. I am so blessed to be able to witness the change. okay um where do i start?? UMM i am back in the USA! oh man did i miss it.... i am going to get a hamburger today,, I AM SO EXCITED! OKAY MY MISSION president and his wife are awesome!! they picked us up and let the girls sleep in the mission home! it was so cuet and they are so sweet and just love us so  much! the first day we didn't have anywhere to live!! it was so funny we were supposed to live in a members home but when we called they said umm./.. nope we dont have missionaries living here with us anymore! ahah soo for the whole day we were homeless but they got us an aprtment a little outisde our area but the apartment is so nuce!!! like seriously and we have a gym! so we go down and use that daily! it is beautiful and called the polo club. So my companion is AWESOME!!! she is from Honduras! and is this cute little beautiful thing! i will send pictures later. I had peolel tell me ohh you are going to work hard together!! and it is true we work soo hard and i love it!! i got really lucky!! She speaks perfect english but we only speak spanish together to help me practice and has been out for a year! I seriously love her! we work so well thus far together! so we white washed this area! that means that we are both brand new to the area! it is so difficlut because we want to meet all the memebers but focus on the investigators and there are serisouly soo not enough hours in the day!!! so something crazy she works at the visitors center and she got appointed like two weeks ago as like the ap for the visitors center but then president jenkins called her in and said i need to release you from that position. (usually you are in the position for like months!) he said that she needed to be a trainer and that the work that she and her new companion were going to do was so important and he was so impressed to change her calling. ISNT THAT INCREDIBLE!! how cool is that?? we were serisouly meant to be together for whatever reason and to help change peoples lives. It was so cool to hear her tell me that story and then president walked over to us later the afternoon and talked to us privately and said  yup we are going to do some amazing things. ahh it was so cool!!!! I AM LOVEING IT! it is incredible to watch people change their lives because they know that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ! it is such a testimony builder to me. I have been so strengthened being here for only a few days. okay so first of all the memeber are awesome!! like serisouly so strong and love the missinoaries and just want to help us and it is surrel. Having member present during lessons are so incerdible. it helps so much! the lady you saw yesterday mom her dad was the first person baptized in the Domincan Republic!! crazy right?!! her family is awesome and she is the relief society president.  we are covering one spansh bransh and one english ward!! soemtimes when i am asked to pray in english i forget how to do so!! ahahah it is an awesome thing! I love it because i have never been able to teach in my native language and that is really cool to struggle and work hard to listen to the spirirt and figure out what to say in the right language! I love it! the sacraments are seperate but the classes and priamry are toegether so we are at church for about 5 hours on sunday! i survuved it on fast sunday so i am not too worried about the rest of the sundays! lololololol we bore our testimonies in both wards for sacrament and it was so amazing to look out at all of these opeople who have so much love in their eyes for us! it is an amazingly special and rewarding and diginified and incredible calling to be a misisonary. Especially when people drive by us and honk and wave because they know who we are!!! also i am in a car:) it is seriously such a  blessing and i am driving because my comanera is from honduras!! it is so lucky and we are so blessed to have a car! okay now most importantly. our investigators. literally i can say is wow. So we learn about this one family who have a baptismal date on the 14!!! they just committed the sunday before we got here! its a family of four dad mom a 10 year old girl and a two year old girl . want to know the crazieast part THEY DONT SPEAK ENGLISHOR SPANISH ONLY PORTUGUESSE!!! yup! how do we teach them considering i barely know spanish and neither of us know portuguesse?!! ITS THE LORD!! im serious its incredbile. SO they can understand most spanish becuase it is pretty close and it is amazing because we can understand their potugeuess.. THIS IS TWO DIFFERENT LANGUAGES AND WE CAN COMMUNICATE. serisouly incredible. I am so grateful for the lord and the gift of tongues. you guys... this family is amazing. They have so many questions and they are great questions and they just want to learn all about the gospel. They are the sweetest people i have ever met! The mom loves to fed us even if we have already had dinner!! it is the culture! she is like sad when we don't eat and we are so greatful!! it is always the best food!!! ever!!! the dad always wants to kiss us on the cheeks but we can't let him do that!!ahahahah it is so funny so now he shakes our hands he jokingly stands far away from us!! ahah it is so hillarious!! i love them so much and they come to church every week and are seriously golden amazing and a great example to me! the other night we were walking into an apartment complex and we were late and had another apt. cancel and it was this crazy turn of events. We walk by these two men who were drinking beer and they called us over. we went over and the guy says i am a christian but i know i shouldn't drink beer, why?? UM HELLO!! can you say perfect!! we have a lesson with him later! and it is so amazing to see the lords hand in his work. I am so in love with these people ansd this work and i can't believe how much my testimony has grown. The people here are teaching me. and i am so grateful for that. I love them and i love the iord and i love you guys so mcuh and miss you but i am so happy i am here!!
love jess

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