Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Monday September 9, 2013

HI!! so mission life is crazy! someone asked me the other day how are you adjusting to mission life?? here is the thing!!! YOU DONT HAVE TIME TO ADJUST!!! you just jump in head first and GO! ahahah it awesome! serisouly it is incredbile. and i love it. the family we are teaching is sersiosuly golden. I am so grateful for them. They are amazing. they asked the other day if they could start paying tithing before they were baptized. LIKE WHAT??!! hi they are incredible! and the baptism is saturday and all in portugeusse! serisouly i am amzed every day when we teach them and we can communicate in two different languages. and there is a big party from the ward after and the ward members are amazing! serisouly amazing. they are so so special. i had know idea how important members are in missionary work.  and we are so blessed to have them! they cook us brazialian food which is definietley a plus!! lololol i exersize every mornng. i promise!! lololol another family the oldest sister got baptized and she wants her 10 year old twins to learn the gospel so we are teaching them and they came to church and they told us how the three of them prayed together and the girl said she felt the spirit and the boy cried and it is just like wow the gospel is amazing #itsalltrue and i love all of these people! that is the spansih branch tierra rica. now for the english ward it is just amazing as well! it is hard to balance spanish and ennglish ward and to balance members and investigators! it is hard but it is amazing and we are always working and i am always tired but i love it and it is so amazing! anyways the english ward this guy was being taught but not much happened with the elders but we have had really good lessons with him and HE CAME TO CHURCH! it was sersioulsy a miracle! he said he was scared but by the end of scarament meeting he said he wasnt scared anymore! it was so cute. he is this old man who wears shorts and unbottoned shirts lolol it is awesome! we are teaching another and he promised to go to church but he didnt. we were super bummed! we thought for sure he was going to go. we even went and knocked on his door in the morning but he didnt come. hopefully next week!  we are teaching a few others but this was a really awesome week and i am learning so  much! spanish is hard but everyone is so patient with me and i just serisoulsy have so much love and gratitude in  my heart all the time. ahh i miss you guys but i love doing this!! thank you for your prayers and i love you all

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